Welcome to my world, a world of corsetry and clothes, design and creation. I have been interested in fashion and dress design all my life, born in the South of France, I consider I have a flair for fashion especially Corsets. I have studied fashion at the University of New Bucks, where I learnt so much about fashion and the nature of fashion.

I created different clothes and Corsets and now I think it is in this modern innovative time, fashion needs to adapt to our modern way of life.

Say what you want and say it through your clothes, show your individualism and boldness through what you wear and let me be the one who creates it for you.

Today people are looking to dress in a manor that reflects their character, their taste and individuality. 

The fashions I create, take these requirements into account and with the right textiles, patterns, designs and sewing I am able to make people feel good in the clothes that suit them and look good. I create clothes to fit the occasion from weddings to parties to going out for the night. Elegance and sophistication are highlighted by the clothes we wear.

My speciality is corsets, as part of the integrity of the dress or as support wear. I consider that corsets bring out the best in a woman’s figure.

First impressions always count, and to make the greatest first impression, wear something that is you, that puts across you from long flowing dresses to beautiful trouser suits.  Be daring and unique, have the clothes created for you, to your unique taste from Inception to creation, including, illustration of the fashion Idea you have, to fabrication.

My speciality is Corset, the creation of Corsets made for you following your specification, to suit all occasions and purposes, as a fashion item, to go over a garment, or for the privacy of under the garment. You come with your idea, and I will convert it to a wearable corset, that looks good and feels good.

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